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I had fun trying to get a server working up to production - it keeps me updated about the latest issues with upgrading servers. It was really nice. I think today was a pretty happy day except one of my closest friends felt neglected coz I no longer joined her for lunch. Anyway, so that's what happened, and well that's tha, it's time to get back to work. Anyway sleep time now. It's another early day tomorrow.
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I woke up from a dream a night ago, it was so real. I felt I was in college, I was late for class. Then there were classmates who were looking for me. I just barely remember it all, but my best friend in college who left college eventually, Andrew was there.

I didn't really enjoy my college days. Most of the time it was spent cramming paper work, and working on school projects just to pass the grade. I guess I should have tried to do more than what was assigned, and maybe get to know more about my subject - the management of information systems better.

It was quite fast - 4 years of college. Lately a batchmate posted old photos from college, and it was nice to see some stuff about how it used to be. I don't think I was "neat" at all in college, it seems I just wore whatever just to get by. Nowadays that would be weird, because I'm now a working person.
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It's ironic, I didn't like how wordpress puts a first post which you have to edit, and here I am aptly titling my first post as "My First Post".

Anyway I just wanted to mark this as the day that I created this account. Today's date is also the following (source: wikipedia.org):

Labour Day in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia (2010); Independence Day in Lesotho (1966); Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi (Catholicism); World Animal Day

So currently I am at work updating this. I am looking forward to doing some programming in php for the meantime.


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