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i have none. honestly i like batman, sure, i sorta like superman, yeah, but i think my favorite is cyclops from the xmen. it's because he wears this cool shades, and that's all i really liked :)

if ever, i would probably pick dr. manhattan from Watchmen. He's this dude he keeps thinking, and thinking, and he is practically non-existent anyhow.. He has a power, but he tries to keep it to himself. Anyway, that's the first part. The second part is that he was once a normal person. It's just that due to "following the rules" he got himself trapped in his own invention, and that's how he became whatever he became after it. In a sense, I like this hero because he became a super hero by following the rules. He didn't save anyone, he doesn't seem to care about the world, but what I like is how he thinks. He keeps thinking about how it is in Mars, a never-changing landscape (it is of course, a fallacy), but that things on earth keep changing, while on Mars, due to its lack of a population, nothing changes much, for like forever. Then he goes to a flashback to his younger days, and then remembers everything, and then he feels so detached from it all, like it was part of a dream. In that sense, I like that personality about him, he can see the big picture, much like Ecclesiastes does. Anyway, I like how despite what happened to him, he still is stable, he didn't go crazy. Instead, he helped protect the world by his powers. He became a detriment to a long world war, and because of him (at least, in that alternate reality), he aws able to bring about world peace, thanks to Ozymandias's genius idea to make US and Russia work together to fight him as a threat to the entire world, instead of killing each other.

He's like the behind-the-scenes guy, rarely appearing, and the world doesn't know about him much, except that he's pretty powerful, and through whatever-you-call-it, indirectly balances the powers in the world without having to wreak much havoc. Just knowing he is around and he can turn you to dis-assembled atomic parts already keeps you in fear of breaking the law. hehe. I'd like some of that power, for the betterment of the World. Without him, in that alternate reality, the world would turn into chaos, as the super powers fight each other pointlessly over supremacy of the people.


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