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Just over a while ago while at my friend's workplace, I had a stupid idea. A site dedicated to food delivery services. I am not sure but I was lazy just googling up the numbers of the top fastfood deliveries late at night, then coming up with what we want to order. What if you could mix up the food? Say a burger from mcdonalds, and someone wants a late night burger king? I really wonder about the feasibility of that service, but it could be purely local thing, like let's say I live in QC, I could tackle the BPO only in this area.

Over at my old LJ account, I posted that I've moved out and migrated domain names from bluehost to a domain name guru. Will think about hosting later. I think I'll save that way.

I kept some of the newer ones. One of which is going to be a simple blog on how to be successful at a Startup weekend or a hackathon. I'll probably use drupal for all of my sites now. I am really thinking about that.

Another I'll transform to be an information hub for me and my gf. Perhaps a simple job prospects and research on ideas system. I'll think of using drupal or a custom made system. I am thinking of a way to record my bizdev startup ideas all together kasi.

Hoorah for reopening this dreamwidth account. I thought they purge old accounts if left unused.

I find the interface here a little bit better than the one over at livejournal. :) Kudos to whoever thought of using a black editor than plain one over at livejournal.


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