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Just over a while ago while at my friend's workplace, I had a stupid idea. A site dedicated to food delivery services. I am not sure but I was lazy just googling up the numbers of the top fastfood deliveries late at night, then coming up with what we want to order. What if you could mix up the food? Say a burger from mcdonalds, and someone wants a late night burger king? I really wonder about the feasibility of that service, but it could be purely local thing, like let's say I live in QC, I could tackle the BPO only in this area.

Over at my old LJ account, I posted that I've moved out and migrated domain names from bluehost to a domain name guru. Will think about hosting later. I think I'll save that way.

I kept some of the newer ones. One of which is going to be a simple blog on how to be successful at a Startup weekend or a hackathon. I'll probably use drupal for all of my sites now. I am really thinking about that.

Another I'll transform to be an information hub for me and my gf. Perhaps a simple job prospects and research on ideas system. I'll think of using drupal or a custom made system. I am thinking of a way to record my bizdev startup ideas all together kasi.

Hoorah for reopening this dreamwidth account. I thought they purge old accounts if left unused.

I find the interface here a little bit better than the one over at livejournal. :) Kudos to whoever thought of using a black editor than plain one over at livejournal.
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hanged out first then watched a movie - FD - 5
Then spent some time in a spa, and got to play chess :) thank you for the past 8 mos.
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So for the past two weeks i have been tryng to use colemak as the default layout.
I've been using type racer to measure my typing speed. so far the fastest is at 20 wpm with the onscreen display thing (autohotkey onscreen).
Then it's around 13 wpm without the aid of the onscreen display.
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wow :) We are doing so damn fine :) Had ice cream lang. I have to do some fixing up. clean up mostly.


Jul. 16th, 2011 12:03 pm
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Kalokohang Poem Ever Made

Tubig is water
Ilog is river
Combine it together
I love you forever
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i feel so sad

i suddenly feel that i am making things worse.

last night i almost gave up, i'm doing my best but it's not it.
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for the past few days, i was busy attending training at misnet, learning about sharepoint 2010 and how to customize it.
i realize how so familiar it is with drupal, it has the same things just different lingo.
I remember now.

Words have no meaning except the meaning they have for you. In drupal we call them nodes, in shareopint you call them objects.

You use mssql, we used to use mysql.

I used to call them overrides / modular, now they're called SPShared objects, and site collections.

I'm not into both actually, I just remember some of my research before on Drupal. As to which is faster to develop with? It's sharepoint. You just have to do some research and you can have a simple fully working website.

I've been meeting my gf for the past few days too, and it's been awesome. I just get really tired - what with waking up at this time (6am) and rushing off to join the traffic. There are days when I wish it would stop, and now with two days remaining, it will. We'll get there. eventually.

hmm yun lang.
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Interestingly, I am working on something like dreamwidth, it will be a way for tutorees and tutors to find people to pair program with each other, for singaproe, philippines, and other english speaking countries only. (sorry). Still working on the comment system, hopefully by my birthday I could have it all live.
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sorta. i'm trying to piece together old systems. basically developers left a project hanging, but the client still needs those improvements, so i'm here to do just that.
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Thank God! :) My mom bought me a new phone, the new nokia 2690. :) has got quadband and FM radio. I'm happy w/ that. I just got to give my other phone to one of my cousins.
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LTO was fast, I did it! :) yey :) tomorrow I shall get my license (hopefully). it's just a few exams, and that's it, you're done.
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i have none. honestly i like batman, sure, i sorta like superman, yeah, but i think my favorite is cyclops from the xmen. it's because he wears this cool shades, and that's all i really liked :)

if ever, i would probably pick dr. manhattan from Watchmen. He's this dude he keeps thinking, and thinking, and he is practically non-existent anyhow.. He has a power, but he tries to keep it to himself. Anyway, that's the first part. The second part is that he was once a normal person. It's just that due to "following the rules" he got himself trapped in his own invention, and that's how he became whatever he became after it. In a sense, I like this hero because he became a super hero by following the rules. He didn't save anyone, he doesn't seem to care about the world, but what I like is how he thinks. He keeps thinking about how it is in Mars, a never-changing landscape (it is of course, a fallacy), but that things on earth keep changing, while on Mars, due to its lack of a population, nothing changes much, for like forever. Then he goes to a flashback to his younger days, and then remembers everything, and then he feels so detached from it all, like it was part of a dream. In that sense, I like that personality about him, he can see the big picture, much like Ecclesiastes does. Anyway, I like how despite what happened to him, he still is stable, he didn't go crazy. Instead, he helped protect the world by his powers. He became a detriment to a long world war, and because of him (at least, in that alternate reality), he aws able to bring about world peace, thanks to Ozymandias's genius idea to make US and Russia work together to fight him as a threat to the entire world, instead of killing each other.

He's like the behind-the-scenes guy, rarely appearing, and the world doesn't know about him much, except that he's pretty powerful, and through whatever-you-call-it, indirectly balances the powers in the world without having to wreak much havoc. Just knowing he is around and he can turn you to dis-assembled atomic parts already keeps you in fear of breaking the law. hehe. I'd like some of that power, for the betterment of the World. Without him, in that alternate reality, the world would turn into chaos, as the super powers fight each other pointlessly over supremacy of the people.
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Oh Lord, thank You for letting me meet her. I am very thankful! :) I am so happy that, I don't think the deepest sorrow will keep be depressed, as she is here. We are not yet "it". But I hope that we will someday love each other sincerely, and be understanding of each other, and I will be there with her when she needs me. Thank You, My life is so blessed with you Lord at my side, I also want to thank you for inviting me to Victory Fellowship. It has touched me and inspired me to worship God in all my day to day experience.

I hope Lord you will help me in all my endeavours, and will continue to serve you, with all my might, soul, and love.

Thank you.

Still inspired, and still hopeful that this friendship will turn into something really really UP there. :) Like true love, and I sincerely hope for the best to come :)

[Oct 2010] - I'll never forget how we came to be friends again :)


Nov. 1st, 2010 05:32 pm
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It was already cloudy when we got there just before 11 this morning. We waited for everybody, and eventually, we had lunch. Lunch was kfc chicken, rice, and adobong chicken. It tasted great :) I had my fill twice. Overall, despite the rain, and the general hot atmostphere (it's still hot/humid even if there's a drizzle). The rain came intermittently. Aroudn 4pm, we left the cemetery and went home. :) My new textmate said kamusta to me, and I was surprised, but nonetheless amused.
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I have a bayantel DSL Connection. I went through yast2 (commandline) and basically I had to configure DSL under Network Settings. It worked with IPv4. (I am on IPv4 I believe). Then for some reason, I had to set it to - start - "On cable connection". Here is my well, working network on bayantel dsl. I thought I would have to do other stuff (thought of buying a router, configuring it to load bayandsl.. complicated stuff). This was enough.

Although network is on ifupdown/ifupdsl or something so it says "network: None" on the Computer menu. Do not use the Network Manager version - it doesn't work on bayantel dsl.

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Today well as usual, stayed at home til lunch, where we went to Kimono Ken to eat our lunch, and afterwards, mom dropped me off at the gym at abs cbn, it was very nice. I met a gym instructor - rechelle and she sort of showed me around - the lockers etc :)

I think i feel in love, but anyway, I left and i think I felt really great after my work out:)

I should make more use of my remaining time left with Fitness First! Thanks Fitness First!
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it's been around 4 months since i started as a sysad. so far so good. i kinda miss the good old days of being simply a web developer. back then, all i cared about was advancing my career.
til now i am still wary of php frameworks, and the ruby on rails thing is still out of my grasp. I can't keep up with all the new tech terms they keep inventing over there. Anyways, I feel a little isolated now a days. I'm web dev AND sysad. that's like two roles in one. I think it's like so hard you know.
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Tonight I just watched a good movie, the town. I liked this type of movies, action, and a little of a touching story of how Charlestown got to be where most of the people were somehow involved with bank robberies. It was pretty interesting to see how they were able to find out where the criminals lived, or their profiles, and how the cops eventually caught up with them. I kind of admire the protagonist, who eventually became idealistic but eventually because of his hard thinking skills, was able to do more than be a bank robber.
Anyways, I won't spoil it for everyone.


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